Doing business is not simple on any market, it requires a lot of qualities. Some of them you can learn, but some are absolutely mandatory since the first day of your business, as they would be your second nature. Being serious, rigorous and reliable in all your relationships: business partners, suppliers, customers, employees, community etc… We are proud to know that people we are working with on daily basis recognise publicly that we are “a serious company”, and “a trustworthy company”. We found out these beautiful appreciations on Facebook groups, freely expressed by young people we hire for BTL events as promoters and brand ambassadors.

“Serious” means many things, but most important for our collaborators is that we offer exactly what we promise, nether less! We keep dead-lines, we provide professional trainings, we install and keep-up good, personal relationships with them and we track not only their work, but also their needs. In this way, we have built a strong data base with loyal collaborators that we rely on at any moment.

Andreea O. “I am working for 1 year with EMBLEMA Retail Solutions and they are really very serious. They pay always on time and they listen my preferences for a certain location, which is important in a city like Bucharest. With them, I earn extra money while I am student and I will stay close as long as possible. Kiss you, girls!” And this is decisive for our business. It is the basis for delivering reliable and effective services to our partners, therefor we consider it one of the main key for success.


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