While we consider that living together with our families is normal or even granted, unfortunate children are living in orphanages, abandoned by their parents. Of course, many people or organisations help them, yet their needs are not permanently fulfilled. In general, help is coming occasionally, for Christmas, or Easter, or Children’s day, and it’s about food, or clothes or toys. For the rest of the year their lives return to… almost nothing, except some very poor social indemnity.

Yet, abandoned children living in orphanages have permanent needs for affection, or medical treatment, healthy education so on.

Recently founded ONG, EMBLEMA Care for Children aims to take care of institutionalised children all the long of the year, permanently and consistently. Maybe we will not be able to take in our charge all the children in this situation in Romania, but at least some of them will benefit of a better life, day by day.

Through our ONG, EMBLEMA Care for Children, we will invest money in food, clothes, medical care, and also education and healthy development.



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